10 August 2020

Summer heat - summer sweat

Hello furiends

How are you doing? I am enjoying summer - my human furiend is not. She hates the heat and she can't understand why people love it. She says only skinny bitches love the heat so that they can show off their bones. I think this is mean and she is just jealous. Yes, this must be it!

Did I tell you that I now could go straight out of the balcony door and be in the garden? Could. Because I don't want to. I don't go often. I am scared that when I go too far away I will not find the way home anymore and I def don't want to be a street cat anymore. The filled bowls here are much better. 

Enjoy the summer, furiends. And if you find time you can hop over to the challenge blog of Ally's Angels and enter a card in the new challenge. 

I now go and watch my human furiend sweat on the cross trainer. That's brilliant, I'm tellin' ya! She moans and groans and she sweats. Really sweats hahahahahaha. 

Meow, meow!

13 April 2020

Here I am again

Hello furiends

I can't believe it's more than one year that I have been in blogland. So many things happened. I moved. But don't worry, I took my human furiends with me. I have a garden now but I am too scared to go far away... You never know when I suddenly have to be a street kitty again and I don't want this! 

It's nice here. The flat is much bigger and I can run very long distances from the entry to the kitchen. My human furiend says I need plenty of exercise because I am too fat. If you have a fat kitty, don't tell him. It's mean. I just ignore her. 

At Ally's Angels they have another challenge (monthly, but I keep forgetting posting it here too) and my human furiend made this card. She is not much in her craft room anymore. She said, she lost the joy in making cards. But I am pretty sure she will get back to that mood soon. 

Hope to be back again soon, brahahahahaha. 


10 März 2019

Hello again

Hello furiends

I am sorry it took me so long to come back to blogland. My life here is much too interesting and is distracting me from blogging. My human furiend says she is sorry that she does not comment on other blogs. We are not offended if you choose not to comment here either. We prefer to just sit together in our craft space and I can play with all the things she lets drop (like pieces of ribbon or cardstock) while watching series on Netflix. Cosy times.

My operation went well and I am happy now with all the bad teeth gone. My human furiend did look after me very well and I had a speedy recovery.

For the challenge over at Allys Angels she created this treasure box.

I hope you like it.

I will check on my human furiend what she is up to. Weather is rainy and nasty and her hubby is gone skiing for a week so she said she will spend the day like yesterday in her craft room practising mixed media projects. Haven't seen her all day, I better check if she is still alive!

Have a lovely Sunday evening, furiends!


29 Januar 2019

Just a quick note!

Hi furiends
Just a quick note to let you know I am absent because I had an operation and am recovering from it. I am doing fine, so no worries.

20 November 2018

A miracle happend!

Hello furiends

How are you doing? Guess what! My human furiend was able to touch Scarlett for the first time. It took her over 8 months to this success. It's only a small success though. Scarlett is still very suspicious and my human furiend has to trick her into being stroked and cuddled. I honestly think she is a bit retarted.


At Allys Angels starts a new challenge with the theme WINTER and this is my human furiends card. Sorry that the pic is so dull. No matter what she did, it turned out dull.


30 Oktober 2018

Help, I'm starving!

Hello furiends

How are you doing? Guess what, Scarlett, the dumb face, still doesn’t want to be cuddled or get soft strokes and pets and kisses from my human furiend. She is really silly. My human furiend loves cat-kisses and cat-cuddles. I love giving her wet kisses with my nose and she giggles when my whiskers tickle her face. Stupid Scarlett, she really misses something!

My human furiend tries to put me on a diet. We became picky eaters and try to steal the dry food from Freddy, who is the only one who only eats dry food. She always lets him eat and then takes the bowl away. So mean. I have no joy in life anymore. Food is all I need to be happy. And some soft balls to play with. And a nice and cosy place to sleep. And some cuddles and belly rubs maybe too.

Oh well, it's no use moaning about it. Instead, let me show you her project she made for the new challenge at Allys Angels. The theme is to use a tag and she used a three tags. Her co-worker asked her to make her a special birthday card for a friend where she can put a voucher in. This friend loves red and she loves dancing. So my human furiend made a special “card”.

Have a lovely day and send me some food, please. I think I might soon starve.


15 Oktober 2018

It's a wedding couple!

Hi furiends

It's me, the bad blogging kitty! I had to give my human furiend cuddles as she now finally believes that Mr. Grumpy aka George must have gone to the woods to die. We cats do that sometimes, you know. To spare our humans the pain but my human furiend says it's more painful to not know what happend than to know old cats pass the rainbow bridge. I give her much love now.

Look, this is George, I found him very handsome, even though he had no teeth anymore and you can see his flabby cheeks.

She is also sad that the challenge blog of Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia closes down. It's their last challenge and Gina and Jay (the owners) are sorry too that the blog closes down. But it's so difficult to find sponsors and my human furiend knows this problem too.
My human furiend always finds sponsors but then most of them have to be reminded all the time to send the winner the prize and this just takes too much time and also is quite annoying and also embarrassing towards the winner! So she will be sponsoring her blog herself. She bought

But anyway, this is the card she made for the last challenge.
OK, gotta go and check out your blogs, furiends!


09 Oktober 2018

Happy Halloween

Hello furiends

Long time, no see. Life has been busy and my human furiend and I were not able to be in blogland much.

She has been on vacation in the States and she bought some yummie-scrummy challenge prices in Michaels in San Francisco and Las Vegas for her challenge blog Allys Angels.

I am doing good, my belly didn’t get any fatter but my human furiend still teases me. I miss my buddy George though. He disappeared while my human furiends were on vacation and now he is lost since the 22nd of September. My human furiend is devastated. She does not know if he went in the woods to die or if he really got lost or if someone stole him. I think he died. He was 18 but my human furiend says that he wasn’t ready to die, he still was full of life. Well, we’ll see, don’t we?!

At AllysAngels starts a new challenge today and my human furiend made a simple litte card, not more than a handful. Not worth showing you here, instead I show you a picture of my humble self. I think I am super cute, don’t you think so, too?

OK, here is the card. Not that she scolds me because I didn’t show you. But she doesn’t like it, so what’s the problem?!

Have a wonderful evening and talk to you later.


26 August 2018

Feathers everywhere!

Hello furiends

I am so sorry I don't post much and don't come commenting on your blogs. Life is just too busy to bother with blogging! You don't have to leave comments here should you feel offended when I don't come see your blog often.

I am getting along with Scarlett the dumb face. She is actually quite nice and she sometimes even plays with me. But she is like me: she doesn't want to go outside. My human furiend lets the window open all night and also the door to the balcony but she shows no signs of wanting to escape. She told me she enjoys the safe life here inside. And guess what?! She is working on getting a fat belly as well! Haha, serves my human furiend right! Now she can tease her as well.

At Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia starts a new challenge and my human furiend made this wedding card. If you now think, erm but there are feathers on the card and my human furiend is vegan, then let me assure you that she got the feathers from an animal sanctuary where she spent a week to be with the rescued animals. They got lots and lots and lots of feathers and my human furiend collected them all. She even brought us some peacock feathers home to play with. See pic above from Scarlett. 

Ok, gotta go again, Scarlett is playing without me! 


26 Juni 2018

These worms taste yuk!

Hi furiends

It's me ... I know I am a bad blogger, not like my human furiends blogger kitty Bailey who was much more active than I am ... also with commenting. 

Life is getting back to normal. I kinda start to like Scarlett the dumb face. Sometimes we play together. My humam furiend opened the cat flap for her but she does not want to go down the cat ladder. And since she still doesn't let my human furiend touch her she can't get any help. She is rather suspicious when my human furiend is in sight. Maybe this is because she had to go to the vet twice and now she doesn't trust my human furiend anymore; as if she ever did trust her *lol*

Look, here are a few piccies of how we play and how she plays.

At Ally's Angels starts a new challenge and my human furiend made this card, also as a DT member of the Aliciabel designteam.

She really is into easel cards at the moment, don't you think! 
I like the worms, I always tried to snatch them from her craft table when she did not pay attention. They did not taste at all, yuk!

Have a pawesome time, furiends!