10 Januar 2022

Happy New Year

 Hello furiends

Happy New Year! I hope all your kitties were as relaxed as I was during the New Years' Eve. Lots of fireworks have exploded in front of my home. People are so stupid! Don't they think of all the poor birdies and wild animals that are scared because they don't know what is happening? They use all their energy to run away and hide and be scared although they need this energy to survive the cold winters. It makes me sad that people are so selfish and stupid.

Anyhooooooo, at Ally's Angels starts a new challenge and my human furiend made this box for a furiend. This furiend wants to put the ashes and pictures of her dead pets in this box this is why my human furiend made it look like a universe. I think it turned out pawsome!

When I am dead I want my ashed to be in such a nice box too. But I probably don't care then, hahahaha.


2 Kommentare:

Alice (scrAPpamondo) hat gesagt…

Happy New Year Elly!! I totally agree with you about the bad fireworks!! Humans are the most dangerous animals because of their stupidity!!!
The box for Ally's furiend is absolutely awesome!

Fikreta hat gesagt…

Happy New Year!
this box its amazing!