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Privacy Notice and how I comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
23 May 2018

The controller of your personal data is the owner of this private blog: Alessandra Calligaris, Switzerland, calligarisa @ bluewin . ch, a private person with no own business.

References in this privacy notice to “Ally”, “Elly”, “I”, “we” or “us” etc are references to myself.

Personal data I process
The personal data I process about you includes only:

  • your name and contact details you provide me with when you leave a comment on my blog (for example name, address, phone number or e-mail address that you have saved in your profile);
  • any other information relating to you which you may provide to me.

On my computer I don’t save your e-mails you may send to me or any other personal data you might provide me with.  

Furthermore to the abovementioned, the blogs I like and visit often, the banners for the Design Teams I work for and my followers are linked to my blog. If you do not agree with the fact that you are linked to my blog, I ask you for a message to me by e-mail and I will delete the link immediately. You are responsible for linking your profile to the followers. If you do not want to be linked, then I ask you to remove yourself as a follower.

How I use your personal data
If you win a candy that I sometimes share, I ask you to send me an e-mail with your address so that I can send you the goodies. I will not save your address on my computer or anywhere else without your permission.

I use your personal data you provide me with by e-mail:

  • to communicate with you by e-mail;
  • to send you the candy;
  • to comply with my legal, regulatory and risk management obligations, including establishing, exercising or defending legal claims.
    If you are linked with your personal blog to this blog, I will use this to visit you on your blog, to marvel at your creations and to leave a comment sometimes.

Use of my blog and my e-mail
I do not use Google Analytics, Cookies or any other services provided to save and collect your data or track and report on how you use this blog but Blogger does use cookies.

To find out more about cookies you may come across by surfing on other websites, including how to manage, reject and delete cookies, visit

Who I share your personal data with
I do not share your personal data.

I don’t have an external IT service provider.

For the purposes set out in this Policy and where necessary, I may share personal data with courts, regulatory authorities, government agencies and law enforcement agencies.

Countries I transfer your personal data to
I do not transfer your data and I do not save your data on my computer.

How I retain your personal data
I do not retain your personal data. If you leave a comment on this blog, it will stay there until the blog will be deleted one day. If necessary I also retain your personal data as long as it is subject to a legal retention obligation.

How I protect your personal information
I use antivirus software to help protect your personal data from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, alteration or destruction.  

Your rights
You are entitled to ask for details of the information I hold about you and how I process it. You may also have your data rectified or deleted, restrict my processing of that information, and object to the processing of your personal data. You may also choose to withdraw your consent. Please note that even after you have chosen to withdraw your consent I may be able to continue to process your personal information to the extent required or permitted by law. You may also lodge a complaint in relation to our processing of your personal data with a local supervisory authority.

By linking your blog via InLinkz to a candy I may offer, you agree that your data is permanently stored on this blog. If you win a candy I may offer and you write me an e-mail, you agree that I can use your address to send you the candy.

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