10 August 2021

See you at Rainbow Bridge - well not me, duuuuuh!!

 Hello furiends

it's me, Elly TheBelly. Well, my furiend is Ally TheFox, so why can't I be Elly TheBelly?! Didn't I come up with a cool name for my weight!

Summer here sucks. It's raining all the time and all the flowers in the garden are about to drown. Honestly, I think we had no day with sunshine in July or August. But my furiend says, that's because of all the meat eaters out there... not sure, if she means me too, because I do need meat for my tummy. 

Well, anyway, she made a card for the new challenge at Ally's Angels and she came up with a sympathy card for animals that died. I think this is quite a lovely idea.

okay, gotta go now, I think Scarlett wants to play with me.
Talk to you later, furiends!


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