10 Mai 2021

I moved again !!!

 Hello furiends

It's me and guess what?! I have once again moved the house. But my human furiend promised it is the last time now, she says she will die in this apartment now. She hates moving.

I actually love moving. I love going through all the boxes and I love the mess. I hate the noise though. And that Freddy terrorizes me because he wants to go outside and is not allowed yet... he meows all night and drives everyone crazy.

At Ally's Angels starts a new challenge. And my human furiend finally made a card after weeks if not even months.

I now go and take a nap. Take care my furiends!



2 Kommentare:

Fikreta hat gesagt…

Oh you moved again.
Hope this is the last time .
card is so pretty!

cebelica hat gesagt…

Moving is definitely very stressful. I hope you really won't have to do it again. At least not soon. Hugs! xx

P. S. Please tell your human friend that her card is very beautiful. :)