10 November 2021

 Hello furiends

Life is getting busy at my human furiends office. She works a lot but I am happy to have the male human furiend at home to snuggle up. He says I am bulldozer, because I never look where I walk when I jump up on him. He gave us nicknames based on our behaviour. Scarlett is "Draculina" because she hisses all the time, Freddy is "Bin Laden" as he makes terror like a real terrorist when he wants outside and is not allowed to. And Sunshine is Poltergheist, because at night she scratches at all doors when she wants my human furiends get up. Well and I am bulldozer aka Dicky Dick (dick means fat in German). 

Winter can come, the plants in the garden are all wrapped up and the candles for cozy evenings are bought. 

I hope you all enjoy winter time, furiends!

At Ally's Angels starts a new challenge and my human furiend made a quick winter card. 

Hope you like it.



3 Kommentare:

Guri hat gesagt…

Wow. Beautiful card!!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) hat gesagt…

Hi Elly, you made me laugh with the nicknames story! :D
Your human furiend is very talented and I find her cards always so inspiring!! This one isn't an exception and I don't know how she could made it quickly because there are a lot of fabulous details and layers! Just LOVE the vintage feel and that deers family! It's a so sweet and delicate creation!!
Sending some cuddles to you (and to the other cats!)

Fikreta hat gesagt…

Gorgeous card!