26 November 2016

Hello furiends, I am in my new furever home!

Hi furiends!

Wow, I already got 5 followers! Thank you! 

You know what? This Ally I told you about in my last post, she picked me up today with a very tall human furiend. They came to the clinic and I was very happy to see them. He even had long arms and could pet me on my head. I think he is very nice. I can tell from his touch that he is very gentle to animals. I admit, I fell in love with him <3

Look, this is me in the kennel at the vets clinic:
They told my new human furiend a bit about me. It's funny to listen to that. I know everything about me but shush, I will not tell them. They said they don't know my age because I don't have my baby teeth anymore. So I could be 1 or even 10. It's unpolite to tell a lady's age where I come from! 
They were talking about my tiny tail too. They think I was born with it but they have no idea! I'm not telling them that the life on the streets was rough and I broke my tail and I also lost a piece. Now it looks like a pig's tail.  

Anyway, they took me home and my new human furiends were surprised how relaxed I was in the car. I was excited though. And still feeling unwell too, I have a bad nose, it's blocked from the cold I caught, but the vet says it will soon be ok.

In my new home I met the other cats. They were not so pleased to see me. I like the big old grumpy tom cat the most. He is very relaxed and didn't mind when I was sniffing at his fur. He just opened an eye, looked at me and went back to sleep. He even let me eat next to him, look:

I liiiiike him very much, such a cool dude! And how big he is! And he looks just like me, don't you think?

There is another girl too, she is called Sunny Sunshine. Wow, she is soooo fat, but of course I don't tell her. I wanna be furiends with her! She followed me all afternoon and then she got used to my sight I think. She said my mouth stinks tough. But I am not mad at her because I really think I stink because of all the meds I got and the wound in my throat. My human furiends saw the polyp in a plastic bag at te vet and they were shocked, it was very huge.

This is me on the table watching Sunny:
I then got very tired of all the excitement and I went to the couch to have a nap. I fell asleep and my human furiend took some pics of me and she laughed because I was snoring. Silly human furiend, this is because my nose is blocked and I can't breathe very well.

I think I will take some pics of her too tonight to show her how she snores and how her mouth is open, what do you think?!

I also told her how to take selfies and this is what came out:
1) "Hey, human, get your camera!"
2) "Human, nooooo, you have to hold it in front of us!"
3) "Yeah, that is purrfect, I look cute! Now take a pic!"
I think I will have a pawesome life here! 

I also seen a room where she hides lots of ribbons. Not sure if they are all for me though. She murmered something like it's for her cards. Hm, whatever she means. I think I will soon find out and show you!

But for now I will enjoy the rest of this Caturday!
So long, furiends!


3 Kommentare:

Gina's Cards hat gesagt…

Elly is just adorable and she will certainly have an pawesome life with you.
Gina xx

TinaS hat gesagt…

This looks very good for the first day me thinks :D Wish you a wonderful start in your together-future ;)

Fikreta hat gesagt…

Im very happy that you are in your furever home kitty!
hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ