27 November 2016

It's pawesome!

Hello furiends

How are you today? I think I already settled in here. The human furiends are nice, they pamper me all the time! I get lots of yummie things to eat and they even provided me a toilet in the living room (I think the human furiend was scared I would not use a toilet at all and she rather places it very centered so I can not miss it, ha ha).

I have been to a room in the flat which she loves. I can tell from the look on her face when she goes and caresses the boxes in the shelves. Look, she often sits here and makes some funny joyful noises:
She even gave me a bit of a ribbon to play with! I think I will roam the room when she is at work tomorrow. Maybe I will find some more ribbons to play with.

She then explained me that she makes cards (I am not sure what it is, but I think this is something she writes nice things in it and sends it to someone... why can't she make a phone call?!). 

I can give you an example of what the cards look like:
I am glad I already got my name or she would have given me a funny name too. She still giggles about the chick names (Mary Poopins, Feather Locklear, Sofia Laurhen, Henifer Aniston, Audrey Henburn, Grace Shell-y, Elizachick Taylor). I don't wanna think of what paweful names she would give to a cat.

Okay, I think I will go and have a rest, I still have a cold and my throat is a bit sore too. 

Have a lovely rest of the Sunday!



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Sue B hat gesagt…

Hello Elly... so pleased that you have a new home... you will be SO warm and cosy now... and SO loved !!!
I think you are adorable and your fur is such a lovely colour and so silky!!!
And so good to hear from you too Ally... I was thinking of you a few weeks back and wondering how you are doing. Glad you are back with new blog :-))
I am not in blogland very much at moment as my mum is very unwell. But I try to post and comment when I can. I will look forward to visiting you both ;-)
Love your card and tags... those hen names are hilarious!! Love the gorgeous papers and embellishments.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Luv Sue xxx

Viv hat gesagt…

Hello Elly! I am so very very happy to meet you - and your new human furiend is a very very nice person and she will love you lots and give you lots of cuddles. You are a very pretty cat.
I have a little secret to share with you - next February I will be President of England! Not President where you make rules and stuff for governments but President of England in my sport - that's why I don't get round to visiting often - I am very busy travelling and promoting sport. But I will come and see you as often as I can when i am home. A big huggy from me. xxx
xxx - please give yo your human furiend.

Melanie-Jane hat gesagt…

Hoi Elly, hoffe du hesch der Aless ned ihres ganze Baschtelzimmer uf ä Chopf gstellt... Schön hesch du bi Ihre es plätzli gfunde und dini Chatzefründe werde sich sicher au na a di gwöhne :) Weisch jetzt müess si haut no einisch Ihres Fueter mit öperem anderem teile, de isch normal, dass sie chli nidisch si uf di. Plus du chunsch jetz ja extra streicheleinheite über... das müesse si au no zersch verchrafte hahahah
Uf jedefall chasch du es nume guet ha bi der Aless und em Stefan... Scho nume die viele schöne Sache wo d'Aless i Ihrem Büro het, da wet ig sogar ä Chatz si und döt go ume stöbere !! Chasch der Aless säge si het es mega schöns Baschtelzimmer und die luschtige Hüehner wo si zletsch verarbeitet het si au der hammer. Da hesch du doch sicher luscht gha die eint oder ander z'abschläcke gäll ???!!?? Hahaha die wo mir am Beschte gfallt isch d'Sofia LaurHEN hahahah so geil. So jetz muess ig ab is Fitness go Zumba tanze. Mal luege viellech triffe ig dört au no es paar Chätzli oder Henne... LOL
Schöne Abe Elly und bis gli wieder mal
Melanie-Jane usem Petullaklub

Gina's Cards hat gesagt…

Such a super story Elly, I look forward to reading more of them:)
Gina xx

Fikreta hat gesagt…

love this story!
and room is gorgeous!
love cards!
so pretty!
hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ