06 September 2017

Goodbye Pelé, see you in our dreams!

Hello furiends
Long time - no see, I know.
My human furiend is a bit worried because I have something on my skin on my belly and she does not know what it is.
She tells me not to lick it all the time but hey, I need to clean the wound!
Now she wants to drag me to the vet. I think she is just about to make an appointment for next week.
At least I enjoy driving in the car.
You know the lady who saved me and made sure to bring me to Switzerland and to my human furiend? She is a cat saving lady.
She saves many lives all day long.
Such a good hearted woman and she founded an awesome animal rights organization.
She works with the best vets and many volunteers and she puts all her energy and all her strength into the protection of animals.
Well, this lady adopted a cat, Pelé, who had a miserable past. She loved him dearly when no other would, as he was known to be “difficult”.
Unfortunately, after a bit of over ten years in her loving home and arms, he got cancer and two days ago he passed away.
The furiend of my human furiend is devastated and very, very sad.
So my human furiend made her this album with a few pics of Pelé. She sent it today and hopes the cat saving lady likes it as much as I like it.
It’t pawesome!
Have a lovey day, furiends!

PS: lots of pics to come now!



7 Kommentare:

Mo hat gesagt…

Wow..., Ally das isch ä unglaublichs Gschänk - so ä liebevolli Erinnerig für am Pelé sis Mami, das tuet ihrem Härz sicher wahnsinnig guet !!!
Alles Liebi,

Dr Sonia S V hat gesagt…

WOW so beautiful each page is
Dr Sonia

Gina's Cards hat gesagt…

Hi Elly, its lovely to read another post of yours. I am so sorry to read of the loss of Pele. Please give Ally a big cuddle from me.
The album is absolutely gorgeous and the words are beautiful, I couldn't read them all though or else I would have cried. I hope she takes comfort from the life and love that she gave him.
Gina xx

Lisa hat gesagt…

Oh my goodness, Elly, this is the most amazing, thoughtful gift I have ever seen!! Ally did a stunning job!! It brought tears to my eyes!! What a perfect way to memorialize Pele. This will be a most cherished and treasured gift. Each page is spectacular!! I am so blown away by this...it's beyond gorgeous!! I hope your belly clears up and you feel better, Elly. If you do have to go to the vet, I hope it's a quick and painless trip. Big hugs to you and Ally :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Bernadet hat gesagt…

Wow Ally this is really amazing!!
So sorry to hear from your lost!

Fikreta hat gesagt…

I hope vet will give you somthing for your wound and you will be fine.
that lady is amazing!
oh no ,Im so sorry that she lose her furry friend.
Labum is gorgeous!
lady will adore it!

Loose Stitches hat gesagt…

Oh Ally, that is such an amazing and thoughtful gift! I know she will cherish it always! Elly, I hope your belly clears up and you feel lots better soon.
Hugs, Sherry x
Loose Stitches and Unraveled Threads