18 September 2017

No, I don't like it at all!

Hello furiends

How are you doing? I had a vet appointment last week and it was not pawesome at all!
In fact I am really mad at my human furiend now.
The vet said that I still might be a bit traumatised from my past and
that this is the reason why I lick myself so often and especially the wound.
So he suggested that I wear a body for a couple of weeks and my human furiend has to put some ointment on the sore spot on my belly and then put me on that nasty body.
He said that it should make me feel comfy but you know what?! That nasty body is a pain
 and I hate it!!
I take it off as soon as my human furiend does not look.
And then I don't talk to her anymore.
Now she gave up!

I think I can consider myself lucky that the leopard-printed-body did not come in size XXS!

At LHOSM they started a new challenge and my human furiend's DT Card is this;

Gotta go and check the flat. I think I might find some toys to play with!


5 Kommentare:

Gina's Cards hat gesagt…

Hi Elly, you may not like wearing your body outfit, but do look so cute in it and its for your own good - Ally is looking after you!

Ally's card is purr-fect (sorry I couldn't resist)! I love the colours and fabulous design and the hearts are beautiful.
Gina xx

Lisa hat gesagt…

Oh gosh, Elly, you look so absolutely adorable in the body...I'm sorry it was a pain to wear :( Hopefully you kept it on long enough to heal the wound on your belly.

Ally's card is stunning!! The layers and details are amazing!! The image is too cute!! It's so gorgeous!! I love, love it!! I hope you both have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Stempelhexe hat gesagt…

Eine wunderschöne Karte und die Coloration ist schlichtweg der Hammer.


Fikreta hat gesagt…

hahaha you are so cute in that body!
so cute!
your human furiend wants all the best for you.
card is stunnng!
love it!

Loose Stitches hat gesagt…

Oh Elly, you look so cute in that body. Hope yoour belly wound is all healed.

Fabulous card Ally, love the adorable image and embellishments!

Hugs, Sherry x
Loose Stitches and Unraveled Threads