10 Februar 2021

Let's monkey around

 Hello furiends

Guess who is here again after a long time - it's me, Elly! I know, I have been quiet for a very long time and I probably will be quiet for a long time. My human furiend is not crafting much. She has lost her motivation two years ago. Many blogs closed and she has a busy life and other things in mind. She is a volunteer in an animal welfare organization and this takes lots of her spare time. 

But I am happy she helps because us animals need help, more than ever. These Covid times are very difficult regarding animal welfare. 

I still have not lost weight but de vet says I am healthy and my human furiend should not worry all the time that I will get sick. I mean, she is quite chubby herself!

At Ally's Angels starts a new challenge and my human furiend made this monkey card. She loves monkeys, do you love them too?


3 Kommentare:

Mariann Jakobsen hat gesagt…

Wowsa!!! I love monkeys, I love bananas and I do LOVE your card!!! It's fabulous!!!

Fikreta hat gesagt…

Oh so wonderful card!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) hat gesagt…

Hi Elly, I'm so glad to read your purry words again!! :) You have to be very, very proud of your fabulous furiend Ally!! She is doing surely an AWESOME work helping animals!! I'm very happy to hear that also in Switzerland there are volunteers who help animals in this sad moment, because humans are becoming even more wicked and insensitive than they were before :(((
Most humans aren't able to evolve on their positive side, this is so sad! Say to Ally that I hold her in great estimate. And that I LOVE her cards. This easel with monkeys and bananas is just delightful!!!
Hugs to Ally and a lot of cuddles to you :)