30 Oktober 2018

Help, I'm starving!

Hello furiends

How are you doing? Guess what, Scarlett, the dumb face, still doesn’t want to be cuddled or get soft strokes and pets and kisses from my human furiend. She is really silly. My human furiend loves cat-kisses and cat-cuddles. I love giving her wet kisses with my nose and she giggles when my whiskers tickle her face. Stupid Scarlett, she really misses something!

My human furiend tries to put me on a diet. We became picky eaters and try to steal the dry food from Freddy, who is the only one who only eats dry food. She always lets him eat and then takes the bowl away. So mean. I have no joy in life anymore. Food is all I need to be happy. And some soft balls to play with. And a nice and cosy place to sleep. And some cuddles and belly rubs maybe too.

Oh well, it's no use moaning about it. Instead, let me show you her project she made for the new challenge at Allys Angels. The theme is to use a tag and she used a three tags. Her co-worker asked her to make her a special birthday card for a friend where she can put a voucher in. This friend loves red and she loves dancing. So my human furiend made a special “card”.

Have a lovely day and send me some food, please. I think I might soon starve.


7 Kommentare:

Beth Brovold hat gesagt…

Absolutely STUNNING Ally!! Gorgeous work...now as for Scarlett...well she really doesn't know what she's missing AND PLEASE feed Elly...LOL!!
Take care,

Lisa hat gesagt…

Oh my goodness, Ally's project is stunning!! I love all of the amazing details and the dancers!! Elly, I'm sorry Scarlett is still being contrary!! She doesn't know what she's missing!! And I feel for you...diets are no fun!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Gina's Cards hat gesagt…

Oh WOW Elly, Ally has outdone herself with this creation. I love the colours and fabulous details.

Elly I am sure Ally will not let you starve, she loves you too much for that, but I know how you feel as I am also on a diet):
Gina xx

Lisa Andersson hat gesagt…

Oh wow, tell Ally this is stunning. Absolutely love everything about it <3
Scarlett doesn't know what she is missing, maybe you can show her, Elly. Sorry about your diet but I'm sure Ally has only your best interest at heart.
Hugs, Lisa

Fikreta hat gesagt…

Scarlett is silly . who dosent want kisses and cuddles?
but bright side is you will get it more :D
oh you just wanted try what he is eating,right?
oh her project is stnning!
love it!

Ela hat gesagt…

Stunning project! Hugs Ela

Marjeta hat gesagt…

WOW! Fantastic work. Love every little detail.