26 August 2018

Feathers everywhere!

Hello furiends

I am so sorry I don't post much and don't come commenting on your blogs. Life is just too busy to bother with blogging! You don't have to leave comments here should you feel offended when I don't come see your blog often.

I am getting along with Scarlett the dumb face. She is actually quite nice and she sometimes even plays with me. But she is like me: she doesn't want to go outside. My human furiend lets the window open all night and also the door to the balcony but she shows no signs of wanting to escape. She told me she enjoys the safe life here inside. And guess what?! She is working on getting a fat belly as well! Haha, serves my human furiend right! Now she can tease her as well.

At Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia starts a new challenge and my human furiend made this wedding card. If you now think, erm but there are feathers on the card and my human furiend is vegan, then let me assure you that she got the feathers from an animal sanctuary where she spent a week to be with the rescued animals. They got lots and lots and lots of feathers and my human furiend collected them all. She even brought us some peacock feathers home to play with. See pic above from Scarlett. 

Ok, gotta go again, Scarlett is playing without me! 


5 Kommentare:

Lisa Andersson hat gesagt…

Hi Elly, sounds like you are getting along quite well with Scarlett....and now you two can play with those beautiful feathers. Tell Ally her card is wonderful. It's so beautifully coloured and perfectly put together with all the decorations. Love the colour scheme. The inside is fantastic too.
Hugs, Lisa

Gina's Cards hat gesagt…

Hi Elly, I am so glad you and Scarlett are now getting on, you will be best buddies soon:)

Ally your card is beautiful inside and out, I love all the gorgeous details and the feathers finish it off perfectly.
Gina xx

Bernadet hat gesagt…

This is just awesome Elly

Fikreta hat gesagt…

I never visit anyone just so they can visit myblog.
I visit blogs because I like these blogs.
Dont worry those who likes your blog will visit even you cant visit them back.
So happy you are getting along with Scarlett! those are great news!
She is so cute on those photos!
oh thats is gorgeous card!
love it!

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. hat gesagt…

Gorgeous work,love it. Thanks for YouTube visit and sweet comment on my blog. Hugs Tamara 😊