13 März 2018

I don't like Scarlett!!

Hello furiends

Guess what?! Scarlett is here! But she is stupid, I don't think she will be any fun. She is hiding in the living room and only comes out in the evening and at night and then she hisses at me. What a dumbface! I fear my human furiend is gonna like her more than me :( So I think it's best if I stay in the bedroom for the rest of my miserable life and sulk. My human furiend doesn't get any sleep because stupid Scarlet meows all night and George, the grumpy old tom cat who has dementia is a nightmare too. He screams when he comes home and then he pees everywhere. My poor human furiend has to wash the furniture every day. I suggested to bring him to the woods for the foxes (and bring Scarlett too) but she looked at me angrily and said just because he is a nuisance she will not get rid of a 18 year old cat. 

Look, this is her, silly Scarlett:

Aw well. Here is my human furiends card for Ally's Angels challenge blog. Not gonna say much to it, I am a bit pissed off because life goes not the way I want it to. 


2 Kommentare:

Fikreta hat gesagt…

oh hi Elly
your new furiend arrive and its so cute!
Im sure once when Scarlett calm down and get use to new place and cats she will be much fun!
Dont be in bedroom,you must get to know her and you will see how fun he can be.
I have 5 cats and now they all are so fun and they sleep togheter and play togheter.
Oh wow! this card is stunning love it!
lots of hugs

Lisa hat gesagt…

Oh, Elly, just say the word and I'll send you a ticket to Indiana in the USA. You can live with me :) Of course, I have three cats and they are a bit territorial. They are all sisters but two of them gang up on the other one. Maybe you can be her best friend? Or gosh, maybe it would be better to make friends with Scarlett :) She is gorgeous!! And I think you would secretly miss George, too ;)

Ally's card is stunning!! I love the sweet image!! The design and details are amazing!! The colors are gorgeous!! Wow!!

Don't get discouraged, Elly!! I know you and Scarlett will soon be the best of fur-ends :) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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