11 Februar 2017

Here I am again!

Hello furiends!

Sorry I have been silent for a while. My human furiend was on vacation and she switched off the computer and put it away and I have not been able to blog! But now I am back!

This is me showing her how to blog correctly.
In case if you wonder what's the black stuff on her arm, she told me it's a tattoo. 
A tattoo is something only crazy people have because someone else puts some colour under their skin (I wonder what this should be good for?!) 
and then they proudly show off what they have. 
Some people are tattooed from head to toe my human furiend says and they have piercings too. I didn't dare to ask what piercings are, the tattoo thing shocked me too much. 
Anyway, it says "voice for the voiceless" on her left arm and she has another one on her right arm saying "I stand up for animals". 
Well, I must say this is a nice thing of her to tell the world that she does not shut her eyes from the cruelty on this sick planet and she really stands up for animals. 

But it's time for you to have a look at another of her cards. I try to help her but she wakes up when I jump on the desk at night and throw things on the floor that I think are fun to play with.

I hope you like her card!

I am off to play with my toys now. And then I need a nap and some food. After that I will play a little more. I even might be lucky and my human furiend gets all the balls and other toys from under the couch.


8 Kommentare:

TinaS hat gesagt…

Very cool tattoos... glad to read that you're feeling well and having fun in your new home ;)
Wish you and your human furiend all the best from Germany!

Fikreta hat gesagt…

hello Kitty!
Your human furiend have great tattoos!
love them both.
Card is gorgeous,pretty image and pretty details.
I do hope your human furiend gets all the balls and other toys from under the couch.
you and your human furiend have a great day!

Lisa hat gesagt…

Oh wow Elly, Ally's card is absolutely stunning!! I love the design and the amazing layers!! That film strip looks so fabulous and the flowers and butterflies are beautiful!! The image is so sweet!! Tell Ally that she did an amazing job with this!! It's so beautiful!! And tell her her tattoos are beautiful, too and I love their meaning!! I hope you both have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you are able to retrieve all of your toys from under the couch ;) Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Lisa Andersson hat gesagt…

Hello Elly, I think you look very cool bloging and your human friends have really cool tattoos. Please tell Ally her card is wonderful. Love that Magnolia stamp and all the pretty details.
I hope you can get all your toys from under the couch so you can play again.
Best regards from Sweden

Gina's Cards hat gesagt…

Hey Elly, I've missed you! You look very cute in Ally's arms. The card is so beautiful, I love the papers and all the gorgeous details.
You take care my furry friend and look after Ally too!
Gina xx

Mo hat gesagt…

Liebi Ally
Ich hoffe du hesch wunderschöni Freie verbrocht und dich guet erholt?!
Dini Charte isch super, super schön und d'Idee mit äm drüllete Filmband genial...
Alles Liebi und morn wieder än guete Start i di neu Wuche,

Pamellia hat gesagt…

Hope you had a great vacation. I shut down my computer too, otherwise I never put the thing away! Beautiful card. Your colouring is beyond amazing and all the extra goodies are perfectly placed and create a gorgeous piece!! Love your tattoos, I wish more people in this world felt as strongly about animals as you do, what a wonderful world that would be!! Seems Elly is doing pretty good as a blogger, give her a hug for me :)

Petra L hat gesagt…

Funny blogpost ad I love your cat because he/she is telling a cute story ;-)