28 Februar 2017

Candy time!

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Hello furiends

My human furiend says she wants to offer a candy for her blogging friends. I helped her gather some nice and new things and here is the win a lucky lass (or lad) will get:

-a new set of Tiddly Inks stamps
-some Tim Holtz embellies
-paper straws
-a set of cutting dies
-Magnolia flowers
-"Happy Birthday"-tags
-some wooden ABC-tiles and 
-some fake-wooden-ABC-tiles (stickers)

I hope you like the things. All you have to do now is

- spread the word: link the candy-pic to your sidebar with a backlink to this blog
- be a follower of this blog
- link your blog to the InLinkz below

The candy runs till February 28th, 2017!


23 Februar 2017

My slave is well thought!

Hello furiends

How are you today? I thought my human furiend well! She gets my toys from under the couch every evening after work. I always have to check on her though because she does a sloppy job when I don't control her!
She moans and groans and this makes me giggle. One shouldn't think she is only 40 in August; if you hear her you would think she is at least 95 years old!
By the way I told her why I keep putting my balls in the food bowl and as I told you she does not understand it. It's because it then smells like my yummie food! And sometimes I like putting it in my wather dish so it is all wet and heavy when it bounces on the floor!

When I release her from getting all my toys she goes to her craft room and creates some cards. This is one she recently made with an image she coloured ages ago:

Okay, furiends, I will have a rest now while my human furiend is at work!


21 Februar 2017

Dragon, dragon, please don't eat me!

Hello furiends

I hope you are doing well! I am a good girl and wearing my collar. I'm still not going outside, mind you. It's still cold and actally I am quite happy inside. My human furiend is very happy I do not get restless and as long as I am happy inside she keeps me there.

 Have I ever told you she and her furiends have a challenge blog called Inky Chicks? She always tells me this was quite a story when the blog was stolen a couple of years ago and they fought hard to get it back. So every third week or so they do have a challenge and then the team makes inspiration cards and this is my human furiends card:

My human furiend says dragons exist. We just can't see them. I think this one is a nice chap although he looks very fierce. 

Oopsie, my human furiend just called me and wants to know why I put my soft ball in my food bowl. Gotta go and explain it to her. She won't understand it but I try my best!


17 Februar 2017

Hair gel Mermaid

Hello furiends

It's me again. Guess what! Yesterday after I told you my human furiend is waiting for the package from the US, it arrived! She picked it up at the post office and now I am wearing a collar. I am not very amused. I survived on the streets without one and now I have to wear something around my neck, this annoys me. But my human furiend says it's for my safety in case if I get lost. Hello?! As if I would not come back to a full bowl! Much more convenient than hunt my own food. And I don't wanna go out anyways, so I want you to tell her to take it off! I hate it. Unfortunately it did not fall off when I jumped and ran around like crazy.

Anyhow, my furiend made a hair gel card. She still has lots of coloured images and she thought it would be a cool idea to use this cute little mermaid (I wonder if I ever catch one will she taste like fish?! And can I eat her raw?). This is how the card turned out:

She did not put any ink in the hair gel but let it clear beacuse she already coloured the background in different greens.

I will now google ("how to get rid of a neck collar and its transmitter").
Talk to you laters-taters!


16 Februar 2017

Wedding box

Hello furiends

What's up? I am having fun with my human furiend, she plays with me a lot and I love it. I think she feels bad because I still am not allowed to go outside. She ordered some tracking collars in the States and as soon as the package arrives I will have to wear a collar with a transmitter and she then can loCATe me everywhere. In case you are interested here is the link to the store where you can purchase the tracking system: http://www.com-spec.com/thecatlocator/

Here she made a video for the furiend who caught me and saved my life when I was very sick:
She loves when I wag with my bent tail (of course I do it on purpose because she loves it so much).

I don't know if she ever showed you this wedding box she made two years ago. She told me it took her ages to cut out all the flower pieces and leaves. Inside the box she created a wedding cake.


See you later furiends, maybe I am allowed to blog a little (she does not like when I am at the PC on my own... as if I would watch naughty cat vids on YouTube *sigh*).


14 Februar 2017

Playing with my soft balls is fun

Hello furiends

I hope you are doing great. I had a purfect evening with my human furiend. She got all the toys from under the couch (I love when she is doing it...she meowns and greowns and I think it is very funny and I watch her carfully when she is doing it).

She filmed me when I was a little confused with the glass table in the living room. I was not very amused!

But she threw me some soft balls after that and when we were finished playing balls I watched her crafting. She made another card that I can show you today.

Have a pawesome day, furiends!


11 Februar 2017

Here I am again!

Hello furiends!

Sorry I have been silent for a while. My human furiend was on vacation and she switched off the computer and put it away and I have not been able to blog! But now I am back!

This is me showing her how to blog correctly.
In case if you wonder what's the black stuff on her arm, she told me it's a tattoo. 
A tattoo is something only crazy people have because someone else puts some colour under their skin (I wonder what this should be good for?!) 
and then they proudly show off what they have. 
Some people are tattooed from head to toe my human furiend says and they have piercings too. I didn't dare to ask what piercings are, the tattoo thing shocked me too much. 
Anyway, it says "voice for the voiceless" on her left arm and she has another one on her right arm saying "I stand up for animals". 
Well, I must say this is a nice thing of her to tell the world that she does not shut her eyes from the cruelty on this sick planet and she really stands up for animals. 

But it's time for you to have a look at another of her cards. I try to help her but she wakes up when I jump on the desk at night and throw things on the floor that I think are fun to play with.

I hope you like her card!

I am off to play with my toys now. And then I need a nap and some food. After that I will play a little more. I even might be lucky and my human furiend gets all the balls and other toys from under the couch.