10 Oktober 2021

Album for another furry Angel

Hello furiends

It's me, Elly-Belly. Yeah, I am a good kitty this year, I keep making monthly posts. My human furiend is very proud of me. She is not proud of my belly but she says it's more important that I am happy.

My human's furiend is not very happy, in fact she is very sad, because her doggie Pipo died. He was very sick and there was no cure and because my human furiend loves her furiend and also Pipo, she made her a little album. Which is her DT project for Ally's Angels at the same time.

Hope you like it! I wish someone would make her an album when I am dead. But I am planning on staying with her for many more years. They don't know how old I am but I am a real lady and don't tell them. Let them assume I was born in 2014... which is not true but don't tell my human furiend.


11 September 2021

Gotta hide ...

 Hello furiends

It's me again. Just popping in to tell you there is a new challenge at Ally's Angels.

I am doing great. My human furiend says I have to loose weight and today she is getting me a running wheel. Gonna hate that already! 

Gotta go and hide now before she finds me! Don't tell her I am under the bed.


10 August 2021

See you at Rainbow Bridge - well not me, duuuuuh!!

 Hello furiends

it's me, Elly TheBelly. Well, my furiend is Ally TheFox, so why can't I be Elly TheBelly?! Didn't I come up with a cool name for my weight!

Summer here sucks. It's raining all the time and all the flowers in the garden are about to drown. Honestly, I think we had no day with sunshine in July or August. But my furiend says, that's because of all the meat eaters out there... not sure, if she means me too, because I do need meat for my tummy. 

Well, anyway, she made a card for the new challenge at Ally's Angels and she came up with a sympathy card for animals that died. I think this is quite a lovely idea.

okay, gotta go now, I think Scarlett wants to play with me.
Talk to you later, furiends!


10 Juli 2021

Fox alert

 Hi furiends

It's me. Aren't you proud that I am blogging for the third time this year?! My life couldn't be better. Although my human furiend soon goes back to the office and I don't get strokes and love all day anymore. 

Anyways, here comes her card that she made for the current Ally's Angels challenge. 

Take care ya'll! 



10 Mai 2021

I moved again !!!

 Hello furiends

It's me and guess what?! I have once again moved the house. But my human furiend promised it is the last time now, she says she will die in this apartment now. She hates moving.

I actually love moving. I love going through all the boxes and I love the mess. I hate the noise though. And that Freddy terrorizes me because he wants to go outside and is not allowed yet... he meows all night and drives everyone crazy.

At Ally's Angels starts a new challenge. And my human furiend finally made a card after weeks if not even months.

I now go and take a nap. Take care my furiends!



10 März 2021

You blow me away!

 Hello furiends

How are you doing! Tee hee, who thought I would not be around for the rest of the year?! 

I enjoy my life and I love that spring is in the air. I then will sometimes go to the garden to catch a few sunrays. And Freddy, the asshole cat in the house, has better mood too in spring and summer. 

At Ally's Angels starts a new challenge and this is the card my human furiend made. I love fish, they are yummie! I bet these taste super delicious!

By folks!

10 Februar 2021

Let's monkey around

 Hello furiends

Guess who is here again after a long time - it's me, Elly! I know, I have been quiet for a very long time and I probably will be quiet for a long time. My human furiend is not crafting much. She has lost her motivation two years ago. Many blogs closed and she has a busy life and other things in mind. She is a volunteer in an animal welfare organization and this takes lots of her spare time. 

But I am happy she helps because us animals need help, more than ever. These Covid times are very difficult regarding animal welfare. 

I still have not lost weight but de vet says I am healthy and my human furiend should not worry all the time that I will get sick. I mean, she is quite chubby herself!

At Ally's Angels starts a new challenge and my human furiend made this monkey card. She loves monkeys, do you love them too?


10 August 2020

Summer heat - summer sweat

Hello furiends

How are you doing? I am enjoying summer - my human furiend is not. She hates the heat and she can't understand why people love it. She says only skinny bitches love the heat so that they can show off their bones. I think this is mean and she is just jealous. Yes, this must be it!

Did I tell you that I now could go straight out of the balcony door and be in the garden? Could. Because I don't want to. I don't go often. I am scared that when I go too far away I will not find the way home anymore and I def don't want to be a street cat anymore. The filled bowls here are much better. 

Enjoy the summer, furiends. And if you find time you can hop over to the challenge blog of Ally's Angels and enter a card in the new challenge. 

I now go and watch my human furiend sweat on the cross trainer. That's brilliant, I'm tellin' ya! She moans and groans and she sweats. Really sweats hahahahahaha. 

Meow, meow!

13 April 2020

Here I am again

Hello furiends

I can't believe it's more than one year that I have been in blogland. So many things happened. I moved. But don't worry, I took my human furiends with me. I have a garden now but I am too scared to go far away... You never know when I suddenly have to be a street kitty again and I don't want this! 

It's nice here. The flat is much bigger and I can run very long distances from the entry to the kitchen. My human furiend says I need plenty of exercise because I am too fat. If you have a fat kitty, don't tell him. It's mean. I just ignore her. 

At Ally's Angels they have another challenge (monthly, but I keep forgetting posting it here too) and my human furiend made this card. She is not much in her craft room anymore. She said, she lost the joy in making cards. But I am pretty sure she will get back to that mood soon. 

Hope to be back again soon, brahahahahaha. 


10 März 2019

Hello again

Hello furiends

I am sorry it took me so long to come back to blogland. My life here is much too interesting and is distracting me from blogging. My human furiend says she is sorry that she does not comment on other blogs. We are not offended if you choose not to comment here either. We prefer to just sit together in our craft space and I can play with all the things she lets drop (like pieces of ribbon or cardstock) while watching series on Netflix. Cosy times.

My operation went well and I am happy now with all the bad teeth gone. My human furiend did look after me very well and I had a speedy recovery.

For the challenge over at Allys Angels she created this treasure box.

I hope you like it.

I will check on my human furiend what she is up to. Weather is rainy and nasty and her hubby is gone skiing for a week so she said she will spend the day like yesterday in her craft room practising mixed media projects. Haven't seen her all day, I better check if she is still alive!

Have a lovely Sunday evening, furiends!