26 July 2017

Gift voucher

Hello furiends

How are you doing? I am enjoying la dolce vita. My human furiend always hopes she can come home to a clean flat after work but I don't like cleaning. I am even too lazy to blog. Please bear with me until I can find the computer mojo again.

My human furiend has a very cool attorney in the law firm where she works and he is leaving for his LL.M.-year in the States. He gets a voucher for a restaurant in San Francisco and his fellow attorneys asked my human furiend to make the voucher.

This is what she came up with. He gets the voucher from "Mourad" in the value of
150 USD.
Made with loo rolls (it's a bit mean, my human furiend doesn't let me play with loo rolls and now she plays with them herself...)
She printed out menus of Mourad from the internet and made tags.
 She even found a fork and a spoon in her charm box!
Then she filled some ampules with spice to refer to the Moroccon roots of Mourad.

Have a pawesome day, furiends!


27 June 2017

Christmas in summer

Hello furiends

Oooh it's getting cooler this week. At least that's the weather forecast. My human furiend is happy dancing. She says she needs the cooler nights to get proper sleep and she needs the smell of rain too. I also like the smell of rain as well as I like the sound of rain when I am sleeping in my cosy beds.

My human furiend took the opportunity to make a Christmas card for the new challenge at Inky Chicks. I heard her saying that she is much behind and desperately needs to make Christmas cards. I don't know what the problem is; it's not even July yet!

Oh that reminds me of something: I think they just gave me a date of birth when they made my passport. And it's July the 1st. My human furiend gets all excited about it and she says she thinks I am three years old. I can't remember how old I am. And I don't care actually. I am young at heart and that counts. No matter how old I am I always love to play with my soft balls :)



26 June 2017

Balcony cat

Hello furiends

What's up? I hope you are doing well! I am fine, in case if you are interested. 
Weather here in Switzerland is getting hot, hot, hot. 
My human furiend doesn't like it at all. She is more the cool weather kinda girl. 

I am used to the heat. It was very hot in Italy sometimes. But I like it much better here in this loving home. Still don't go outside though. I rather chill on the balcony or stay inside. 
My human furiend fears I am bored but I have so many toys plus I have 
Sunny Sunshine kitty cat, the old fart. 
So I am not bored. 

My human furiend made an Easel Card for the new challenge at Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia blog.

And this is me on the bacony. 

My human furiend says I cannot say that but I think I am very cute! I mean, my human furiend looks at herself in the mirror every morning in the bathroom so I think this is kinda vain too, eh?!


05 June 2017

What is a Mojo and where can you find it?!

Hello furiends

I am sorry I have been absent for such a long time! My human furiend was very busy in May as she got a new co-worker and she had to show her a lot of things. So she came home late and went to work early. And she has kinda lost her mojo. I don't know what a mojo is so it was difficult for me to find it for her. I think she has lost it somewhere else because I didn't find it in the flat.

She also went on vacation to Sweden and only came home yesterday. My other human furiend, the male one, drove her up to Denmark to pick up her friend Pialine and then they drove all the way up to middle Sweden to meet their friend Maritha. My human furiend said she's seen lots and lots and lots of woods and the three of them thought the woods will never end. But my human furiend loves woods so she did not mind.

She forgot to tell me I must post her card she did for the new challenge at LHOSM. The theme is "a special date" and she made a birthday card for a 20th birthday. You can find it in her Etsy shop. She sells her cards and she donates all the money to Animal Rights Organisations and Animal Sanctuaries. She says the cards are really expensive but this is her way of getting money for the animals.

Okay, I babbled enough, here is the card and I am off for the day!


01 May 2017

The blue lake and what about the taste of butterflies?!

Hello furiends

How are you today? My human furiend had a day off today as she always has on May 1st. But instead of playing all day with me she spent her time at her computer and her phone and she made a backup that didn't work and she was very upset and nervous. I think I will punish her tonight with bringing my toys into her bed and jump over her all the time. She really is supposed to entertain me when she is home! I think you all do agree. 

Weather is nasty, she stayed home. Normally she goes out and feeds the pigeons at the train station. I tell her efury time to bring one home so that I have company but she says she cannot bring a pigeon home. But I saw all the food she stores for them in her craft room. The birdies would not be hungry if they lived here.

Today is her first official post for Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia team. She is late, she was supposed to post this yesterday but her computer did not work and she was away all day at a beautiful lake. I will show you a piccie below. But first comes her card. And on the challenge blog you get all the information about the sponsor for the current challenge.

I like frogs. And I bet the frog likes all the butterflies on the card. I like butterflies too, they are yuuuuuuuuumie!! Very tasty they are. I haven't had one since I live here in Switzerland though, so do don't get upset *rolling with my eyes*.

Look my human furiend was here:

Okay, I gotta go, she cooks something and I really need to check if she drops something! 
Talk to you later, furiends!


25 April 2017

Rapunzel has some awesome braids!

Hello furiends

How are you doing? I am doing great. Life is really nice here, I can eat and sleep and play and I get tons of belly rubs and kisses and I am pampered all the time. I have furry furiends and human furiends and I am just a happy kitty cat! 

My human furiend is in her craft room a lot and she produces cards for a card sale and she wants to donate the money to an animal rights organisation. It's the same organisation that found me and brought me to Switzerland. 

She made this card for the current challenge at Inky Chicks and she used a cute image (not so cute as I am of course!) from Aliciabel

I hope you forgive me that I am not daily commenting or checking your blogs, I am enjoying life beside the computer too and I hope you do this too!


17 April 2017

Reminder post LHOSM and I know now how glasstables work!

Hello furiends

I am sorry I am a bit absent at the moment - I am busy being naughty, tee hee :) 
My human furiend wishes I used the cat ladder to go outside but I don't want to. 

I got the drive on how to play on the glasstable, watch me!


My human furiend is in a new Design Team, it's called  
and although it's not her turn to create something for the midway reminder post she had a card that matches the theme (Everything goes with optional Easter), 
sponsored by the awesome  
She ordered some NUVO dots in the States and now I think she is addicted. She got a bit overboard on this card...

She also made the hearts with a mould from WOW! and with WOW! Melt-it embossing powder. But her furiend from the UK gave her a tip: use hot glue and colour it with Copics and it's much faster, much cheaper and much easier and her furiend was soooooo right!

I think the bunny is looking quite weird! Are they supposed to be pink??! I rather stick for the mermaids, they might at least taste like fish!

Oh and my human furiend said I am not allowed to wish efuryone a Happy Easter, only to those who do not eat babies. She explained me that Jesus would be very much ashamed if he knew humans slaughter so many baby animals just for the taste of them. She says peace begins at the edge of your plate. Her words, not mine.


04 April 2017

Fancy cat ladder and another mermaid

Hello furiends

How are you doing? Weather is getting nicer and my human furiend lets me check out the balcony and she also leaves the window open for me so that I can go and look. I don't trust the cat ladder yet, don't know how it works and to be honest, I just love it inside. I feel very safe and when my human furiend is at work I can check out the house and play with Sunny Sunshine, the other furiend.
This is me checking out what's going on outside. If you have a close look you can see George, he is about to leave. In case you are wondering what the cat ladder looks like, here is a pic of it:
 Fancy, huh?!

My human furiend made a card for the new challenge at Inky Chicks. It's another mermaid and I still am wondering what mermaids taste like. I used to eat fish in Italy (Elba - yes, I am an island kitty) when I was a street cat and my human furiend doesn't feed me fish. I will have to convince her to get me some. Otherwise I will have to snack a mermaid when I find one in her craft room.


28 March 2017

Oh no, I gained weight!!!

Hello furiends

How are you doing on this pawesome day? My human furiend is at work and I am a bit bored and so I checked my weight and boooooah, furiends!!! I gained weight!
I am really heavy now! My human furiends always tell me that I've developed a bit of a tummy!
This is not nice but now that I've seen my weight I have to admit that they are right! This is paweful! I think I just need some extra play hours with my human furiend and the tummy will vanish!

Here's a little make of my human furiend. She made it whilst watching TV series on her phone. She should not do this she says. She gets distracted and then her cards don't turn out as she wants them to.
Okay, I will check out what I can do until she comes home from work.


22 March 2017

Shaker card

Hello furiends
How are you doing on this purrfect day? I am chilling and waiting for my furiend to come home from work. I love when she prepares my meal and then plays with me. She is scared that the neighbours below can hear me galloping. She says I am so tiny but so loud and she calls me horse. I think she finds me funny. She always picks me up and then kisses me on every spot she can reach. I give her kisses too, when she bends her head towards me I press my nose on her lips and her heart melts, I swear!
She made a card for her furiend who turns 60 today. It’s a shaker card but also a card that speaks, believe it or not! You can record a very short message and then play it again and again! This is so funny. I am afraid I pressed play a lot and now the battery might be low.

OK, I think I will check out your blogs soon and maybe I am allowed to comment without my furiend.