03 April 2018

The theme is hearts but I don't heart Scarlett!!

Hi furiends

How are you doing? I hope you feel with me because Scarlett is a nightmare! It's her fourth week here at my home but she still doesn't want to play with me. In fact she behaves as she is queen of the living room and she chases me all the time. She hates me - so I hate her too! My human furiend says she needs more time and some more Bach drops but honestly I cannot wait until she lets my human furiend touch her so she can go to the vet and get a chip and then she can go outside and leave me alone. Maybe if I am nice I can get a baby kitty to play with. But I guess my human furiend will not get me one. She says five cats are way too many for a flat. Anyone want to adopt me? 

Aw well, all the whining doesn't help. I rather show you my human furiends easel card she made for the new challenge at Ally's Angels (the theme is HEARTS) and she forgot the challenge at Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia, (theme is SPRING FLOWERS); this is because I distracted her with being so scared of Scarlett the dumb face!

So again, if anyone wants to adopt me please leave your application in a comment below and I will chose one!


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Plony hat gesagt…

I feel so sorry for you but I have Lizzy....and she says she
hates cats....She even says PESKY cats.....I told her cats are sweet and fantastic but she doesn't agree. Not going to be adopted by me I guess.....
I love your hoomans easel-card with the many lovely hearts..... It's a gorgeous card...tell her she did a fine job here.
xxx Plony

Lisa hat gesagt…

I'll adopt you, Elly!! I have three cats but they live outside so you could have the run of the house :) But...I know you would miss Ally terribly (and Scarlett, too ;)

Ally's card is stunning!! The easel design is gorgeous and I love all of the beautiful hearts!! The image is gorgeous!! I love the colors, too!! So spectacular!! I hope you and Scarlett are able to get along, Elly!! Sending big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Fikreta hat gesagt…

Oh no ! Im sorry Scarlett will not play with you.
oh bab kitty would be fun!
I want few baby kitties :D
I have also 5 cats but I will adopt you :D
that is stunning card!
have a meowy day

Lisa Andersson hat gesagt…

Sorry you're having such a hard time, hope it will be better soon Elly! If not, I'll adopt you <3 :)
The card is stunning, love the fold and all the beautiful embellishments. Say hi to Ally for me.