01 Mai 2017

The blue lake and what about the taste of butterflies?!

Hello furiends

How are you today? My human furiend had a day off today as she always has on May 1st. But instead of playing all day with me she spent her time at her computer and her phone and she made a backup that didn't work and she was very upset and nervous. I think I will punish her tonight with bringing my toys into her bed and jump over her all the time. She really is supposed to entertain me when she is home! I think you all do agree. 

Weather is nasty, she stayed home. Normally she goes out and feeds the pigeons at the train station. I tell her efury time to bring one home so that I have company but she says she cannot bring a pigeon home. But I saw all the food she stores for them in her craft room. The birdies would not be hungry if they lived here.

Today is her first official post for Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia team. She is late, she was supposed to post this yesterday but her computer did not work and she was away all day at a beautiful lake. I will show you a piccie below. But first comes her card. And on the challenge blog you get all the information about the sponsor for the current challenge.

I like frogs. And I bet the frog likes all the butterflies on the card. I like butterflies too, they are yuuuuuuuuumie!! Very tasty they are. I haven't had one since I live here in Switzerland though, so do don't get upset *rolling with my eyes*.

Look my human furiend was here:

Okay, I gotta go, she cooks something and I really need to check if she drops something! 
Talk to you later, furiends!