11 Dezember 2017

Merry Christmas, furiends!

Hello furiends
Guess what?! My human furiend said she does not get me a Christmas tree because she doesn’t trust me! Now this is really mean of her. As if I would play with the glass balls and ribbons and things. She must think really bad of me! Maybe because I am a mischevious kitty all the time. The other day I played with my water bowl and spilled all the water on the wooden floor. My human furiend said it’s not good for the floor. That’s nonsense, I can lick it from the floor and in a couple of days there won’t be any water left. Much ado about nothing!
Furiends, this is the last post for this year and I promise that I will be a good kitty next year and come to your blogs to comment a bit more. It has been too much the last couple of weeks and months. My human furiend has found a new home for her mum and she will move in February and my human furiend will help her. She will look after her on Christmas and New Year and hopefully the mum will then feel better once she is out of the flat that is full of memories of my human furiends dad. I don’t know what the fuss is about – I don’t even know my mum. She gave birth to me somewhere in a barn or so and when I was old enough she abandoned me. I am so happy I have my human furiend now. I don’t have to fight for food anymore. What a lucky kitty I am!

The card is for yesterday's challenge over at Lovely hÄnglar or Sweet Magnolia challenge blog.

Have a wonderful Christmas and don’t play with the Christmas tree. Would not be fair when I am not allowed to play with it and then I have to read that you were able to play with it!
Take care, furiends!