10 Januar 2017

I like chicks!

Hello furiends

Pawesome day, we have lots of snow in Switzerland. Snow is some white stuff called flakes that comes from heaven and it covers the grass and the streets. I can see it from the window. It's also very cold. When one of the flakes lands on your nose you can lick it off, it's only wet and not very tasty. Maybe next winter I am allowed to go outside. I still stay inside but my human furiend says in spring I am allowed to go out. I don't care actually, I don't want to go. I like the cozyness of the flat, it's always warm and I don't have to fear for my life like I had to in Italy.

My human furiend has a challenge blog where you can win prizes. It is called Inky Chicks and I want to catch the chicks but I don't know where to find them. If you do, let me know and I'll eat them all! I like chicken (my human furiends only likes them alive when she can pet them and see they are happy and safe).

She made a card for this first challenge of the year. And when she is not here I might check the butterflies on the card to see if I can eat them!


08 Januar 2017

I am a craft helper!

Hello furiends

Sorry I have been absent a while. I was sick and wasn't in a mood to blog. On the first of this year I was very apathetic and I had fever and my human furiends were scared and brought me to the emergency. I got antibiotics and soon felt better. 

How did you start into the new year? I hope you are all doing pawesome! 

My human furiend says I am like a little child. She lit some candles and I wanted to sniff on them and then I nearly burnt my whiskers. She says the easy life is now over she has to put away anything that can break, anything that is poisonous/toxic and anything that is eatable. She does not trust me tee hee! 

I also love to play with her craft stuff and she doesn't want me to do this. But hey, I just ignore her! 

She made a paper bag Christmas card for 2017 (I already learned she is very organised!) and I tried to help her choosing the right embellishments. She didn't use some of the pearls I tried to show her! It's her loss!

My eye still looks a bit funny but the vet says this is because of the operation and it might take another couple of months until it is back to normal. I like that my human furiend makes a fuss about it all the time and she kisses it and pets me and is nice to me.