27 Dezember 2016

How gorgeous are these Gorjuss Girls?

Hello furiends

Have you all eaten too much? My human furiend says she cannot hear anymore when people moan they ate too much. How can anyone eat too much anyway?! She did not eat too much. She just skipped some meals to eat more at dinner time.

I have to eat some pain killers that she mixes under my food. She says it's good for me because I had another operation last Friday. The vet took another polyp out. Now I finally can breathe normally and don't have to breathe through my mouth, yaaaay. And it's easier to chase my other furiends, tee-hee! My human furiend though is still worried a bit and she watches me very carefully and as soon as I snore her heart skips a beat. I think she is afraid I am still in danger.

My human furiend even had the time to create a card this weekend. She ooooh-ed and aaaaaah-ed all the time, I think it's because of the bunny. I like bunnies too - in my bowl! She says I am mean, she would never eat a bunny!

Have a pawesome day, furiends!


18 Dezember 2016

Christmas is in the air

Hello furiends

It's me again. How are you, furiends? I am doing great. I have to go to the vet again next Friday because he wants to see me again. It's the doc that did the operation in my throat and I love him, he saved my life I think. I think my human furiend is very happy that he said he wants to see me again because she was not very satisfied with my last visit (you have to know it's not the same vet).

Hey, the other cats don't wanna play with me, I think they are very mean. Sunny Sunshine is very fat and my human furiend wants her to play with me so that I can chase her through the house and she might loose some weight. But she always hisses at me when I try to play with her. George is never home and Freddy leaves the flat when I want to play with him. They are spoilsports and I am pretty bored. At least my human furiend plays with me sometimes! And she bought me tons of soft balls and cat toys.

She also played with her toys, look:

And she also made another Christmas card:
Gotta go, furiends, I think she is filling my bowl. 

Talk to you laters-taters!


10 Dezember 2016

You're arrested! Meeooooowie!

Hello furiends

How are you doing today? It's a purrfect Caturday and I love to relax. I checked the weather in my home country and it's 10°C and sunny. Here in Switzerland it is only 7°C today but sunny too. But it gets really cold sometimes; recently it was below zero, brrrr. I have no winter fur and it would be really paweful to live in the streets. Luckily I have a warm and cosy place to live now!

I keep helping my human furiend on her craft desk. Keeping it tidy for her and also help her to chose the right tools and crafts supplies. She keeps saying I am more a nuisance than a help but I think she misunderstands nuisance. I'm sure she means cuteness, not nuisance!

Her co-worker who was her apprentice and now still works in her office is a very funny and nice young lad she says. She often tells me stories about him. I think he must be a pawesome human although she says he eats animals ^.^ (how can someone eat us?!).

He turned 21 recently and his dream is to become a police officer. So my human furiend was very much inspired by a card from artist Lisa, a wonderful blogger furiend from her and she said she would copy the card. The original can be found here and of course Lisa's card is much more impressive! My human furiend is very disappointed that only 25 crafty furiends follow her blog. Please go to Lisa's blog and follow her too, she is pawesome!

Okay, I gotta go and check if all my toy balls are still under the couch and then I have my human furiend get them out for me and play with me.


06 Dezember 2016

Do reindeer have red noses?

Hello furiends

I hope you are doing fine! I am quite fine too. My human furiend dragged me to the nasty vet and he tried to look into my mouth to check if he can see if some parts of the polyp is still there. I wanted to bite off his fingers. Actually I scratched them all, I was a bit angry. I mean, they cut my claws a bit so that I don't get stuck all the time. But I think it's because my human furiend has scratches from my sharp nails when I sit on her chest and knead, if you know what I mean. 

The vet did not see anything and he said I should get a general anaesthesia if he wants to be sure and he didn't want to risk this since I had one two within two month. My human furiend agreed and now she has to watch me very carefully and tell the vet as soon as my breathing gets badder. I do forgive her tough that she brought me to the vet, I think it's because she is so worried about me. If only I could tell her that I am fine!

Yesterday I was allowed to help her in her craft room and I love making her smile. Don't I look cute?

She made another Christmas card with some super cool reindeer dudes. I have never met a reindeer, but I think I would love to see one when I finally am allowed to go outside. My human furiend says I have to stay inside until Spring because I have no winter fur and I would be cold if I accidentally get lost. I don't mind, I love the warmth in the house and also the safety.
But when it is time I will prove her that reindeers indeed do have red noses. I mean, I heard it in a song and I think reindeers even live here in Switzerland. But she says no, it's not true. She has no clue, silly human furiend!

But here is the card:

Okay, I will see if I can get her to play fetch the ball with me. I love when she has to get the ball from under the couch for me!