30 November 2016

Christmas card

Hello furiends
What a cosy home the universe has given me! It’s just pawesome. I especially like the food and that my new human furiend always is nice to me. She pets me and she doesn’t care that I drool on her neck and wipe my wet mouth in her face. She does not scold me, even when I accidentally broke her glass lamp on the living room floor. And guess what? She makes such a fuss when she sees that I find the cat loo. She probably was scared I would poop on the floor, silly human furiend. As is if I would do that!
But she is a bit worried too because I still breathe so heavily. Now I hear her say she will bring me to the vet on Caturday to check if it’s only my cold or if there is anything wrong and what she can do about it. Sometimes she takes away my play-balls because I pant so much when I run through the flat.
Have you seen the card she made? I can show you a piccie of it. I think it’s pawesome. Everytime when she plays in her craft room she drops some ribbon and I love catching it and speed away with it.

27 November 2016

It's pawesome!

Hello furiends

How are you today? I think I already settled in here. The human furiends are nice, they pamper me all the time! I get lots of yummie things to eat and they even provided me a toilet in the living room (I think the human furiend was scared I would not use a toilet at all and she rather places it very centered so I can not miss it, ha ha).

I have been to a room in the flat which she loves. I can tell from the look on her face when she goes and caresses the boxes in the shelves. Look, she often sits here and makes some funny joyful noises:
She even gave me a bit of a ribbon to play with! I think I will roam the room when she is at work tomorrow. Maybe I will find some more ribbons to play with.

She then explained me that she makes cards (I am not sure what it is, but I think this is something she writes nice things in it and sends it to someone... why can't she make a phone call?!). 

I can give you an example of what the cards look like:
I am glad I already got my name or she would have given me a funny name too. She still giggles about the chick names (Mary Poopins, Feather Locklear, Sofia Laurhen, Henifer Aniston, Audrey Henburn, Grace Shell-y, Elizachick Taylor). I don't wanna think of what paweful names she would give to a cat.

Okay, I think I will go and have a rest, I still have a cold and my throat is a bit sore too. 

Have a lovely rest of the Sunday!



26 November 2016

Hello furiends, I am in my new furever home!

Hi furiends!

Wow, I already got 5 followers! Thank you! 

You know what? This Ally I told you about in my last post, she picked me up today with a very tall human furiend. They came to the clinic and I was very happy to see them. He even had long arms and could pet me on my head. I think he is very nice. I can tell from his touch that he is very gentle to animals. I admit, I fell in love with him <3

Look, this is me in the kennel at the vets clinic:
They told my new human furiend a bit about me. It's funny to listen to that. I know everything about me but shush, I will not tell them. They said they don't know my age because I don't have my baby teeth anymore. So I could be 1 or even 10. It's unpolite to tell a lady's age where I come from! 
They were talking about my tiny tail too. They think I was born with it but they have no idea! I'm not telling them that the life on the streets was rough and I broke my tail and I also lost a piece. Now it looks like a pig's tail.  

Anyway, they took me home and my new human furiends were surprised how relaxed I was in the car. I was excited though. And still feeling unwell too, I have a bad nose, it's blocked from the cold I caught, but the vet says it will soon be ok.

In my new home I met the other cats. They were not so pleased to see me. I like the big old grumpy tom cat the most. He is very relaxed and didn't mind when I was sniffing at his fur. He just opened an eye, looked at me and went back to sleep. He even let me eat next to him, look:

I liiiiike him very much, such a cool dude! And how big he is! And he looks just like me, don't you think?

There is another girl too, she is called Sunny Sunshine. Wow, she is soooo fat, but of course I don't tell her. I wanna be furiends with her! She followed me all afternoon and then she got used to my sight I think. She said my mouth stinks tough. But I am not mad at her because I really think I stink because of all the meds I got and the wound in my throat. My human furiends saw the polyp in a plastic bag at te vet and they were shocked, it was very huge.

This is me on the table watching Sunny:
I then got very tired of all the excitement and I went to the couch to have a nap. I fell asleep and my human furiend took some pics of me and she laughed because I was snoring. Silly human furiend, this is because my nose is blocked and I can't breathe very well.

I think I will take some pics of her too tonight to show her how she snores and how her mouth is open, what do you think?!

I also told her how to take selfies and this is what came out:
1) "Hey, human, get your camera!"
2) "Human, nooooo, you have to hold it in front of us!"
3) "Yeah, that is purrfect, I look cute! Now take a pic!"
I think I will have a pawesome life here! 

I also seen a room where she hides lots of ribbons. Not sure if they are all for me though. She murmered something like it's for her cards. Hm, whatever she means. I think I will soon find out and show you!

But for now I will enjoy the rest of this Caturday!
So long, furiends!


24 November 2016

Hi, my name is Elly

Hello furiends

My name is Elly and I was a street cat. Some lovely furiends from Switzerland found me when they were on a neutering action (this is when they do something inside you to make sure you won’t have any babies that will land on the street like me). You have to know that an elderly lady called me hers but she never let me in the house, I had to live outside all my life. This was very hard. Living outside means be aware of all the danger and never know of how much food you get. Many of my furiends were ill and had bad injuries and some even died. Some I never saw again.

I was ill too. I hardly was able to breathe because of the polyp in my throat. The lady who was in charge of the neutering action saw me and she knew something was wrong and that I needed help or I would not survive. I don’t want to go into details, it’s embarrassing that they were able to catch me (they bait me with food!) and then I suddenly woke up again feeling unwell, dizzy and very tired. People were there and my tummy hurt. I heard someone say I will never be able to have babies now. They also cut me a little peace off my ear. Apparently this is a sign for animal furiends to recognise and they would not catch me again. Well, anyway. The nice lady hold me often in her arms, she was very nice to me. She said she will take care of my bad breathing and that she will find me a forever home where I get lots of yummie food and love and will be pampered. She brought me to a foster home where I stayed a few weeks. Then someone picked me up and drove me Switzerland. I didn’t like the journey. It was very exhausting and I was scared because I didn’t really know what would happen to me.

In Switzerland I came to an animal hospital. They all were very nice to me. I am not used to furiends making a fuss. It was kinda nice though.

 I had the operation yesterday. Now my throat is sore. They took the huge polyp out and it has to heal now. Someone said I lost a lot of blood and the operation was very difficult. Also they said that I probably would have died withing a couple of months if I did not have had the OPs. I know soon someone called Ally will pick me up. She will be my new human furiend and she must be a nice person, so I heard. She will take care of me and love me. I already love her. I hope she will like me. I don’t wanna go back to the place I come from. I hope she will love me as much as she loves the other cats that already live in her home.

I hope I will have a very long and happy life with Ally <3
Can't wait until Caturday to meet her for the first time!