27 August 2017

Hello again!

Hello furiends

I am so sorry that I am absent all the time and don't come to your blogs to comment. My human furiend is busy in real life and I don't like blogging without her.

I am doing fine. It was hot over summer but not too hot and besides that I am still feeling very comfy inside and don't wanna go outside. I don't mind being an indoor kitty. I have lots of toys and can play all the time and my human furiend is home almost every night and every weekend and she plays with me too. She said she will find me a furiend though, but only when George, our old grumpy cat, is in cat heaven.

I loooove roaming her craft room when she is at work. There is so much stuff I can play with and what I love the most are plastic bags and plastic wrapping! She hates when she sees all my tooth marks!

She made a card for the LHOSM challenge. The theme is "die cuts" and that's what she came up with:

My human furiend turned 40 last Wednesday and her hubby, my other human furiend, surprised her after work with a helicopter flight. She said it was awesome! I wish I could have gone with her and catch some birds!!

OK, gotta go and try to find another plastic wrapping to play with before she checks on me!